Institute Adress:
33 Leninskij prosp., Moscow, 119071, RUSSIA
fax (7-495) 954-55-34;

IPEE RAS Main BuildingDirector:
Academician of the RAS Vyacheslav V. Rozhnov,
tel. (7-495) 952-20-88, (7-495) 952-73-05;,

Scientific leader of Institute:
Academician of RAS Dmitry S. Pavlov,
tel. (7-495) 952-20-88, (7-495) 954-75-50;

Corresponding Member of the RAS Alexey V. Surov,
tel. (7-495) 954-23-08;
Valeriy A. Karpov, Dr. Tech. Sci.,
tel. (7-499) 135-74-73;
Alexey V. Tiunov, Dr. Biol. Sci.,
tel. (7-495) 958-14-49;  
Alexander L. Maloshenko, Ph.D. Biol. Sci.,
tel. (7-495) 958-09-14;

Scientific Secretary:
Natalya Yu. Feoktistova, Dr. Biol. Sci.,
tel. (7-495) 954-64-76;

Structure and Staff

The Institute of ecology and evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences established in 1934 by academician A.N. Severtsov is one of the leading biological institutes of Russia. The Institute is a scientific research centre on ecology, biological diversity, ethology, evolutionary morphology and nature conservation.

The Principal Directions of studies are:

  • structural and functional organization, dynamics and evolution of populations, communities and ecosystems;
  • ecology of organisms and mechanisms of adaptation;
  • ecological and evolutionary aspects of animal behavior and communications;
  • morphological regularities and mechanisms of animal evolution;
  • biological diversity and sustainable use of biological resources.
  • fundamental problems of nature conservation.

The data obtained at the Institute are of wide use in various branches of the national economy (agriculture, plants protection, fishery and fish farming, forest and game management, nature conservation, etc.). These data are the basis for sustainable use of natural resources and conservation natural ecosystems and wildlife.

The Institute has two branches, 24 laboratories, Bird Ringing Centre of Russia, Study Centre for Electron Microscopy, Vivarium, 8 biological stations in various regions of Russia, Tropical Centre in Vietnam, Joint Russian-Mongolian Complex Biological Expedition, Joint Ethio-Russian Biological Expedition, Complex Radioecological Expedition. Currently, the Institute staff includes four Academicians and two Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 23 Professors, 94 Doctors of Sciences (DSc), 178 Candidates of Sciences (PhD), 46 investigators, about 30 postgraduate students, including some foreign citizens.

Every year the Institute's scientists publish about 30 books and 600-700 articles on fundamental biological problems. Some of them (about 10 books and 300 articles) are published by international publishing houses and scientific journals.

The Institute coordinates programs of Russian Academy of Sciences: “Biodiversity” and “Biological resource of Russia”.