Conferences 1997-1998

  1. Amer. Malac. Union, 63-rd Annual Meeting. Santa-Barbara, California. 1997.
  2. Biodiversity in managed forests - concept and solutions. Science. Conference. Uppsala, Sweden. 1997.
  3. First Biennal. North American Forest Ecology Workshop. USA, June, 1997.
  4. First International Congress "Laser&Health" '97. Firm Technika. Limassol, Cyprus, November, 1997.
  5. First International Symposium for Tropical Biodiversity. Colombia, 1997.
  6. First International Symposium on Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Biology, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, October, 1997.
  7. First Meeting of the European Ornithological Union. Bologna, Italy, August, 1997
  8. Forth International Moose Symposium, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, August, 1997.
  9. Forth Symposium on the Biology of Terrestrial Isopods, Haifa, 1997.
  10. Fourth Colloq. for Russian Section of the IUSSI. St.- Peterburg, 1997.
  11. International 17th Symposium on chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds "Dioxin'97", Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. August , 1997.
  12. International 33-rd mammals Congress Physiological Science, S.-Petersburg, 1997.
  13. International conference in the framework of International Mediterranean project "Integration of remote sensing and GIS systems for ecology studying in Russia", Istanbul, June, 1997.
  14. International Conference on Reproduction of Annelida. Germany, Osnabruck. 1997.
  15. International congress on analytical chemistry. Moscow, Russia, June 1997.
  16. International Symposium Biodiversity and Systematics in Tropical Ecosystems. Bonn, Myseum Koenig, 1997.
  17. International Symposium on Biology and Management of ruffe.Sympos. Michigan, USA, March, 1997.
  18. International Symposium on biology and manadgement of ruffe. Ann Arbot Michigan, March, 1997.
  19. International Symposium on grassland management in the Mongolian Plateau, Huhhot, China, August, 1997.
  20. International Symposium on problems of landscape ecology research. Nitra, 1997.
  21. International Workshop concerning Walrus survey and development Pacific Walrus International Database, Alaska Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division, January 18-25, Anchorage, 1997.
  22. International Seminar on Stability Problems of Stochasic Models. Debrecen - Hajdusobolso, Hungary. January-February, 1997
  23. International Congress of Physiological Sciences. St. Petersburg, June, 1997.
  24. Ninth Arctic Geese Conference Canada, 1997.
  25. Ninth International congress of Europan Ichthyologists (CEI 9), Itali, Napoli-trieste, August 1997.
  26. Second International Conference of the community Russian Society of Nematologists RAS, Moscow, 1997.
  27. Seminar on Zoological Collections in Natural History Museums. Naturhistorisches Mus. Wien,1997.
  28. Sixth Conference of the Nat. MAB Committee's of Europe and North America. 1997.
  29. Symposium on information processing by aquatic mammals, Vallejo, Marine World, California, 1997.
  30. The 11th International symposium on problems of Landscape ecological research. Nitra, (Slovak Republic), 1997.
  31. The IMAP International Symposium Environmental Pollution in the Arctic Extended Tromso, Norway, June, 1997.
  32. The Third Worldwide herpetological congress. Prague, 1997.
  33. Third International Symposium on Sturgeon. Piacenza. Italy. 1997.
  34. Twenty six European Muscle Conference. Schneverdingen. Germany, September, 1997.
  35. 9th Ord Meeting Le Bourget du Lac. France, August, 1998.
  36. 9th Ordinary General Meeting of the Societies European Herpetological. Campery, France, August, 1998.
  37. CEOEC-98, Fourth Finnish-Russi an Seminar: Chemistry and Ecology of Organo-Element Compounds and Second UPOP Workshop, Kuopio, September, 1998.
  38. Euro-American Mammal Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July, 1998.
  39. European Geophysical Sosiety, XXIII General Asssambly. Nice, France, April, 1998.
  40. Fifth Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium, University of Dundee, Scotland, June, 1998.
  41. First International conference on micronuclei, Thailand, Octember, 1998.
  42. Forth EBEA Congress, Zagreb. Croatia. November, 1998.
  43. Forth International Congress of Dipterology, September, Oxford 1998.
  44. InCom'98, International Simposium on instrumentalired Analytical Chemistry and Computer Technology. Tagungs band, Duselldorf, 1998.
  45. International 6th Conference Rodents & Spatium. Acre. Israel. 1998.
  46. International 9th ichthyologists "Fish biodiversity", Italia, August, 1997.
  47. International Conference on rodent biology & Management, Beijing, China, October, 1998.
  48. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS'97, August, 1997.
  49. International Simposium(18th) on Halogenated Environmental Organic Pollutants. Stockholm, Sweden, August, 1998.
  50. International Congress Of Mycology. Ierusalem, 1998.
  51. International Wrkshop Conservation. Sustainable Use of Pollinators in Agriculture, with emphasis on bees, Sao-Paulo, Brazil. 1998.
  52. Second LUTEA workshop. Beijing, China, March, 1998.
  53. Sixth World Wilderness Symp. on Res., Management and Allocation. Bangalore, ̀ay, 1998.