Conferences 1999-2000

  1. Changing agriculture and Landscape, EuroMAB Symposium, Vienna. September, 1999.
  2. Eight African Symposium. Paris, July, 1999.
  3. Eight European Bat Research Symposium, Krakow - Poland. August, 1999.
  4. Eight European Ecological Congress. Halkidiki, Greece, September, 1999.
  5. Eight International African Small Mammal Symposium. Paris, 1999.
  6. EUROMAB Symposium "Changing agriculture and landscape: ecology, management and biodiversity decline in anthropogenous mountain grassland". Austria, Vienna, September, 1999.
  7. Forth International Symposium "Isolated Vertebrate Communities in the Tropics. Bonn. May, 1999.
  8. International Conference on Dry Lands. Cairo, August, 1999
  9. International conference. Sustainable Development of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion and Transboundary Nature Conservation issues. Mongolia. 1999
  10. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS'99, June-Julay, 1999.
  11. International Science Conference. Lublin. Poland, September, 1999.
  12. International Theriological Cogress. Finland. May - Jun, 1999.
  13. Intternational Congress Mycol. Sydney, Australia, August, 1999.
  14. ISACC Fifth International Meeting, Bialowieza, Poland, August, 1999.
  15. Moose management in Baltic Sea region. CIC Moose Conference. Estonia, Sagadi, 1999.
  16. Second European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference, Braunschweig, September, 1999.
  17. Seven International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes., University of Michigan, Michigan, August, 1999.
  18. Sixteen European Drozavirilis species group Conference. September - Octember. Zurich. 1999.
  19. Sixth International Symposium on the Reproductive Physiology of Fish. Bergen, Norway, 1999.
  20. Sixth meeting of the East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network Asian part of Russia and Conservation Policy in Biosphere Reserves and Other Similar Conservation Area, China September, 1999.
  21. Ten InternatiÓnal Auchenorrhyncha Congress Cardiff, Wales, September, 1999.
  22. Then Arctic Ungulate Conference. University. Tromso. Norvay. 1999.
  23. Third European Congress of Mammalogy, Jyvaskyla, Finland, May-June, 1999.
  24. Third World Academy of Sciences Symposium on grassland ecosystems management in the Mongolian Plateau, China, Xilinhot, August, 1999.
  25. Twenty eight European Muscle Congress. The University of York. York, UK, September, 1999.
  26. Twenty six International Entological conference. Bangalore, India, August, 1999.
  27. Forth International conference on environmental impacts of the pulp and paper industry, Helsinki, Finland, June, 2000.
  28. International diversification Conference "Central Asian Ecosystems". Ulaanbaatar. September, 2000.
  29. International paleolimnological congress. China, June, 2000.
  30. International symposium Biodiversity and methodology for biodiversity science Dynamics of Ecosystems in North Eurasia. Novosibirsk, Russia, August, 2000.
  31. International Symposium Mongolia 2000, Berlin, 2000.
  32. International Symposium on Physiology and Ethology of Wild and Zoo Animals.Berlin, October 2000.
  33. International Tropical Marine Mollusc Programme (TMMP) Congress & Workshop, India, September- October, 2000.
  34. International Workshop of Malacology, Systematics, Phylogeny and Biology of Neogastropoda, Menfi, June, 2000.
  35. The 14-th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Benthology, October, 2000.
  36. Third Sino-Russian lands in the north Eurasia Symposium on Animal Diversity and Regional Sustainable Development. Urumqi. September, 2000.
  37. Twenty one annual international gravitational physiology meeting. Nagoya, Japan. 2000.
  38. Twenty seven International conference on Animal Genetics., St. Paul, Minnesot, July, 2000.
  39. Workshop, Monterey Institute of International Ivanjushina Studies, Monterey California, USA. November, 2000.