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Monographs and chapters from collective monographs for 2002-2006
  1. Ibrom A., Olchev A., June T., Ross T., Kreilein H., Falk U., Merklein J., Twele A., Rakkibu G., Grote S., Rauf A., Gravenhorst G., 2006 Effects of land-use change on matter and energy exchange between ecosystems in the rain forest margin and the atmosphere. In The stability of tropical rainforest margins: Linking ecological, economic and social constraints. Eds. T. Tscharntke, C. Leuschner, M. Zeller, E. Guhardja and A. Bidin, Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 463 - 492

List of articles in reviewed Russian (with English version) and foreign journals for 2002-2006


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  10. 2004

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  14. 2005

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  22. 2006

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Best publications for 1997-2002.
  1. Dinesman, L.G., Kiseleva, N.K., Savinetsky, A.B., Khassanov, B.F. 1999. Secular dynamics of coastal zone ecosystems of the north-eastern Chukchi peninsula (Chukotka: cultural layers and natural depositions from the last millennia). Tubingen: Mo Vince Verlag. 131 p.
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List of articles in other Russian (with English version) and foreign scientific journals and collected articles, including the articles, published in proceedings of conferences


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  5. 2003

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  11. 2004

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