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Monographs and chapters from collective monographs for 2002-2006
  1. Golubtsov, A.S., Dgebuadze, Yu.Yu., and Mina, M.V. 2002. Fishes of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Pp. 167-258 in: Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes, Tudorancea, C. and Taylor, W. D. (eds.) Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, Holland, 289 p.
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List of articles in reviewed Russian (with English version) and foreign journals for 2002-2006
  1. Reshetnikov Yu.S., Popova O.A., Kashulin N.A., Lukin A.A., Amundsen P.-A. Development of an index to assess the effect of heavy metal pollution on fish populations. Arch. Hydrobiol. Spec. Issues Advanc. Limnol. 2002. V. 57, p. 221-231.
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  12. Golubtsov, A.S., Berendzen, P.B. A review of the small barbs (Barbus, Cyprinidae) with a serrated dorsal spine from Ethiopia, with a discussion of the origin of forms with a reduced dorsal spine from the White Nile and Omo River tributaries. Journal of Ichthyology. 2005. V. 45 (Suppl. 1), p. 58-88.
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Best publications for 1997-2001:
  1. Popova O.A., Reshetnikov Y.S., Kiyashko V.I., Dgebuadze Y.Y., Mikheev V.N. Ruffe from the former USSR: variability within the largest part of its natural range. J. Great Lakes Res. 1998. V. 24(2), p. 263-284.
  2. Golubtsov A.S., Berendzen P.B., Annett C.A. 1999. Morphological variation and taxonomic status of the Altai osmans Oreoleuciscus from the upper reaches of the Ob River system. J. Fish. Biol. 1999. V. 54, p. 878-899.
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List of articles in other Russian (with English version) and foreign scientific journals and collected articles, including the articles published in proceedings of conferences:
  1. Pavlov D.S., Shatunovsky M.I. Biodiversity Conservation in Russia. Encyclopedia of Life Support systems. 2003. v.3. part.20. Paris, UNESCO, p.1095-1099.
  2. Freyhof J., Serov D., Nga N.T. Witte K.-E. Redescription of Microne-macheilus taeniatus (Pelle-grin&Chevey,1936) with new data on the distribution in Annam, Vietnam (Cypriniformes, Balitoridae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwater. 2003. Koeln.
  3. Freyhof J., Serov D., Nga N.T. Witte K.-E. The genus Schistura in Central Vietnam with the rediscription of Schistura spiloptera (Val.) and the diagnosis of 10 new species (Cypriniformes, Balitoridae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwater. 2003. Koeln.
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