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List of monographs and chapters from collective monographs for 2002-2006:
  1. Regulator role of soil in the functioning of taiga ecosystems (Ed. Academician G.V. Dobrovol’skiy). M.:Nauka, 2002- 364 p .
  2. Dobrovol’skiy G.V., Nikitin E.D. Soil ecology – doctrine about ecological functions of soils M.: MSU-Nauka , 2006.
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  4. Microbial community of the forest biogeocoenosis In: Dobrovolskaya T.G., Golovchenko A.V., Maximova I.V., Chernov I.Yu. Dispersed elements in the boreal forest Ed. A.S. Isaev) M.:Nauka, 2004. P.188-211.
  5. Structure and Functions of soil microbial communities in relation with organic matter decomposition in the forest ecosystems In: VII. Golovchenko A.V., Dobrovolskaya T.G., Alekhina L.K., Semenova T.A., Terekhova V.A., Maximova I.A. Regulator role of soil in the functioning of taiga ecosystems (Ed. Academician G.V. Dobrovol’skiy). M.:Nauka, 2002, ðð. 274-328.
  6. Ecotoxicological evaluation of oil polluted bioabsorben In : Terekhova V.A. Ecological basis of remediation technology of oil polluted natural North ecosystems 2007. Syktyvkar 140 p.
  7. Terekhova V.A. Micromycetes in ecological evaluation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. M.:Nauka, 2007.- 215 p.

Complete list of the articles in reviewed Russian and foreign journals for 2002-2006:
  1. Dobrovolskii G.V. Structural-Functional Role of Soil in the Sustainability of the terrestrial ecosystems. Eurasian Soil Science, Vol. 35, Supp.1, 2002, pp. 52-57.
  2. Dobrovolskii G.V. Factors and Types of Soil Degradation. Eurasian soil science. V 36 s. 2003. ð.2-10.
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The list of best publications for 1997-2007:
  1. Dobrovol’skiy G.V., Nikitin E.D. Soil ecology – doctrine about ecological functions of soils M.: MSU-Nauka , 2006.
  2. Zaitsev A.S. Community of the oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) of Zakopane environs // Protection of Nature. 54. 1997. P. 54-64.
  3. Terekhova V.A., Trofimov S.Ja., Semenova T.A., Dorofeeva E.I. Structural and Functional Peculiariarities of Mycobiota Related to Organic Matter Dynamics in Undisturbed Soils of the Sothern Taiga. Eurasion Soil Sciense, Vol.32, N4, 1999, p. 418-424.
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The list of articles in other Russian and foreign scientific journals and collected articles, including the articles, published in proceedings of conferences:
  1. Dobrovolskiy G.V., Matekina N.P., Chernova O.V., Bykova E.P. ESTABLISHMENT OF INFORMATION DATABASE ON RARE, endangered and reference soils of the Russia’s reserve. Proceedings of IV International scientific conference “Ecology of the rivers’s basins” Vladimir, VOOO VOI, 2007, pp 51.
  2. Terekhova V.A. Micromycetes in Ecological evaluation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems // XV Congress of European Mycologists, Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 16-21, 2007. Abstracts. St. Petersburg: Treeart LLC , 2007 pp. 104-105.
  3. Gryuntal S.& Szyszko J. Penetration of trees by Carabus hortensis (Coleoptera, Carabidae) // How to protect or what we know about Carabid Beetles. X. Europ. Carabidol. Meeting. Tuczno 2001, Poland. Warsaw Agricul. Univ. 2002. P. 101 - 105.
  4. Srebnyak E.A., Fedoseeva E.V., Ibatullina I.S., Patsaeva S.V., Botvinko I.V., Terekhova V.A. Biotesting Ecological toxicity of oil-oxidation bacteria from the Baltic Sea/ In: Microorganisms in ecosystems of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs /Abstracts of the 2nd Baikal Symposium on Microbiology, Irkutsk, September 10-15, 2007, pp. 213-214.
  5. Terekhova V. Arrangement of informative fungal parameters for the Ecological standardization ecosystems tech nogenic pollution The XIV Congress of European Mycologists Katsiveli, Yalta, Crimea , Ukraine 22-27 September 2003 Abstract. P. 59-60.
  6. Tropina O.V., Terekhova V. A., Semenova T.A. Microfungi of soils under contrasting hydrological conditions in the southern and northern taiga The XIV Congress of European Mycologists Katsiveli, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine 22-27 September, 2003 Abstract. P. 60.
  7. Cuero R.G., Shnyreva A.V., Terekhova V.A. Effect of Toxic Metals on Gene Expression of Fungi in Relation with Bioremediation// 8th International Mycological Congress, 21-25 August, 2006 Cairns, Australia, Congress Handbook&Abstracts Book 2. P. 376.
  8. Terekhova V.A. Mycotest for ecological evaluation of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems//8th International Mycological Congress, 21-25 August, 2006 Cairns, Australia, Congress Handbook&Abstracts Book 2. P. 347.
  9. Dolbneva E. , Kudrjashov S., Semenova T., Rakhleeva A., Terekhova V Eco-toxicological assessment of soils and structure of soil mycobiota in a sanitary protective zone of the Kosogorsky metallurgy plant (the Tula district) // Biogeography of Soil: Abstr. Intern. Conf. (Syctyvkar, the Republic of Komi, Russia, 16-20 September, 2002)- Syctyvkar, 2002. P. 188.
  10. Ibatullina I.Z., Khabibullina F.M., Terekhova V.A., Archegova I.B. A mycosorbent cleaning oil-polluted water-bodies in climate conditions of Russian Arctic tundra // International Conference on Alpine and Polar Microbiology, Innsbruck, Austria, 27th 30th March, 2006.
  11. Fedoseeva E.V., Menshenina A.O., Patsaeva S.V., Terekhova V.A., Spectral characterization of micromycetes in the presence of humate and without it // XV Congress of European Mycologists, Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 16-21, 2007. Abstracts. St. Petersburg: Treeart LLC, 2007, pp. 165-167.
  12. Terekhova V., Poputnikova T., Fedoseeva E., Rakhleeva A., Vavilova V., Kaniskin M., ikhail Timofeev M., Ibatullina I., Yakovlev A. Biotic Control of Humic Substances Ecotoxicity and their Remediation Effect in Contaminated Environment // IHSS 14, Sept. 14-19, 2008, Moscow – St. Petersburg, Russia