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List of articles in reviewed Russian (with English version) and foreign scientific journals for 2002-2007
  1. Hominick, W.M., B.R. Briscoe, Del Pino F., D.J. Hunt, Kozodoy E., Mracek Z., Nguyen K., Reid A.P., Spiridonov S.E. Stock P., Sturhan D., Waturu C., Yoshida M. Biosystematics of entomopathogenic nematodes: current status, protocols and definitions. Journal of Helminthology, 1997, vol. 71, p. 271-298.
  2. Ivanova E.S., Pham Van Luc. Siconema hatayense sp. n. and S. laticaudatum sp. n. (Nematoda; Drilonematoidea) from Vietnam. International Journal of Nematology, 1997, vol. 7, N 2, p. 170-173.
  3. Yeates G.W., Spiridonov S.E., Blakemore R. Plesioungella kathleenae gen. et sp. n. (Nematoda, Drilonematidae) from the Australian earthworm Fletcherodrilus unicus (Fletcher, 1889). New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 1998, vol. 25, p. 205-212.
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  6. Spiridonov S.E., Yushin, V.V. Ultrastructure of the stoma of Heth mauriesi Adamson, 1982 (Rhigonematida, Hethidae). Nematology, 2000, vol. 2, p. 417-424.
  7. Hunt, D.J., Spiridonov, S.E. A new genus of Carnoyidae (Nematoda; Rhigonematida) with description of Cattiena trachelomegali gen. n. sp. n. and C. trigoniuli gen. n. sp. n., parasites of spirobolid (Diplopoda) from Vietnam. Nematology, 2001, vol. 3, p. 559-571.
  8. Yushin V.V, Spiridonov S.E. Ultrastructure of sperm development in Heth mauriesi Adamson, 1982 (Rhigonematida, Hethidae). Russian Journal of Nematology, 2001, vol. 9, p. 119-126.
  9. Spiridonov S.E. Chordodes guineensis sp. n., a new species of horsehair worms from West Africa (Nematomorpha, Chordodidae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 2002, vol. 10, N 2, p. 275-279.
  10. Hunt D.J., Pham Van Luc, S.E. Spiridonov Bizarre Ichthyocephalidae (Nematoda, Rhigonematida) from Vietnam with description of Ichthyocephaloides comatus sp. n., Xystrognathus priscus gen. n. and X. phrissus gen. n. sp. n. Nematology, 2002, vol. 4, N 7, p. 829-843.
  11. E.S. Ivanova, W. D. Hope. Two nematode genera (Rhabditidae: Drilonematoidea) from earthworms. Nematology, 2004, vol. 6, N 3, p. 423-436.
  12. Wilson M.J., E. Ivanova. Neutral density liquid formulations for nematode-based biopesticides. Biotechnology Letters, 2004, vol. 26, p. 1167-1171.
  13. Spiridonov S.E. Krasomil-Osterfeld K., Moens M .Steinernema jollieti sp. n. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae), a new entomopathogenic nematode from the American Midwest. Russian Journal of Nematology, 2004, vol. 21, N 1, p. 85-95.
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  16. Pham Van Luc, Spiridonov S.E., Wilson M.J. Aulacnema monodelphis n.g. n.sp. and Angiostoma coloaense n. sp. (Nematoda: Rhabditida: Angiostomatidae) from terrestrial molluscs of Vietnam. Systematic Parasitology, 2005, vol. 60, p. 91-97.
  17. Sturhan D., Spiridonov S.E., Mracek Z. Steinernema silvaticum sp. n. (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) a new entomopathogenic nematode from Europe. Nematology, 2005, vol. 7, N 2, p. 227-241.
  18. Spiridonov S.E., E.S. Ivanova, M.J. Wilson. The nematodes of the genus Dicelis Dujardin, 1845 parasitic in earthworms: the interrelationships of four Eurasian populations. Russian Journal of Nematology, 2005, vol. 13, N 1, p. 61-81.
  19. Phan K.L., Spiridonov S.E., Subbotin S.A., Moens M. Four new species of Steinernema Travassos, 1927 with short infective juveniles from Vietnam. Russian Journal of Nematology, 2006, vol. 14, N 1, p. 11-30.
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  22. De Villalobos C. Zanca F. S.E. Spiridonov. Fine morphology of the cuticle surface of Chordodes anthophorus and reinterpretation of C. aquaeductus, C. ferganensis and C. oscillatus (Gordiida, Nematomorpha). Zootaxa, 2007, vol. 1397, p. 39-45.
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  25. Spiridonov S.E. Zograf J.K. SEM study of egg-shell formation in the nematodes of the genus Binema (Chitwoodiellidae, Thelastomatoidea, Oxyurida). Russian Journal of Nematology, 2007, vol 15, N1, p.59-64.
  26. Kuznetsov D.N., Kuznetsova N.A. Sequences of the second internal transcribed spacer (ribosomal DNA) for three species of Trichostrongylus (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) from sheep in Russia. Helminthologia, 2007, V. 44, 2, P.112-118.
  27. Spiridonov S.E., Ivanova E.S., Pham Van Luc. Two new species of Ungellidae and Homungellidae (Drilonematoidea; Rhabditida) from Vietnamese earthworms and the phylogenetic links of these families. Russian Journal of Nematology, 2007, v. 15, N 2, p. 101-108.
  28. Ivanova E., Spiridonov S., Bain O. Ocular oxyspirurosis of primates in zoos: intermediate host, worm morphology, and probable origin of the infection in the Moscow zoo. Parasite, 2007, vol. 14, p. 287-298.