Scientific programs and projects: Informational system on biodiversity of Russia


Project is executed within the framework of the federal target research program of Russia's Ministry of science and technology "Studies and developments on priority directions of development of science and technology" on 2002-2006's. ("Oriented Applied studies").

LIDER INVESTIGATOR - Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences;


  • Severtsov A. N. Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Botanical institute of Russia Academy of Sciences;

GOALS: Standard development, formats and methodologies of creating a integrated national biodiversity databases within the framework of Internet, and creation a pilot version of information systems and network on Russian biodiversity on the species level.

Main requirements to results:

  • Information system must be created with provision for international standards of presentation given on biodiversity, ensuring possibility to integrate it into global and regional information systems (GBIF, SPESIES 2000, BIOMON and others).
  • Network must unite databases on the aspectual variety of all taxsons (plants, animals, fungi's, microorganisms) and data on collections be available through the global network Internet users on the conditions of all over the world, corresponding Russia`s national interests.