Scientific programs and projects: Bases of biodiversity monitoring


Project is executed within the framework of the federal target research program of Russia's Ministry of science and technology "Studies and developments on priority directions of development of science and technology" on 2002-2006's. ("Oriented fundamental studies").

LIDER INVESTIGATOR - A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences


  • Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Botanical institute of Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Centre on problems of ecology and efficiency of woods of Russian academy of Sciences;
  • Institute of biology of Karel scientific centre of Russian academy of Sciences.

GOALS: Development of methodology biodiversity monitoring on local, regional and national level.

Main requirements to results:

  • Using (depending on the level of monitoring) different types of biodiversity indicators - from integral (remote sensing data) to the separate indicator species;
  • Combination of different methods and methodologies;
  • Account of new factors of reducing and change of biodiversity.