Biological StationsGlubokoye Ozero Hydrobiological Station \  Scientific Staff


The laboratory built in 1905 and presently declared as the scientific & cultural memoria


Lake Glubokoe,
setup of scientific equipment

The team (10 persons, five of them are scientific fellows) works in tight cooperation with the specialists of other institutions: Moscow State University, Zoological Institute of the RAS, Central Botanic Gardens of the RAS, Gent University (Belgium) and several other foreign institutions. The biological station continues to serve also as a place of educational practice work of the students biologists. The fellows of other laboratories of the SIEE are also working here: l. of behavior of the lower vertebrates, l. of ecology of the lower vertebrates. The specialists of the last one study the questions of the feeding and growth of fishes, the spatial distributions and migrations of separate mass fish species in detail. Especially long and continually the studies at the station are conducted by the fellows of the laboratory of comparative neurobiology of vertebrates, who study mainly the ecology and behavior of amphibians including fish-amphibian interactions.