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List of monographs and chapters from collective monographs for 2002-2006:
  1. Aniskin V.M. Contribution to the Order Rodentia. In: Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes (S.J. O'Brien, J.C. Menninger, W.G. Nash, eds), Wiley-Liss, A John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006. Pub-lication (by AniskinV.M.) pp. 192-195, 223-224, 231-236, 263, 294-299, 309, 335-340.
  2. Sher, A. and Kuzmina, S. Beetle records: Late Pleistoceme of Northern Asia. Encyclopedia of Quaternary Sciences. S. Elias (Ed.), Elsevier, 2007, vol.1, 246-267.

Complete list of the articles in reviewed Russian and foreign journals for 2002-2006:
  1. Dobigny G., Aniskin V., Volobouev V. Explosive chromosome evolution and speciation in the gerbil genus Taterillus (Rodentia, Gerbillinae): a case of two new cryptic species. //Cytogenet. Genome Res. 2002. V. 96. №1-4. P. 117-124.
  2. Granjon L., Aniskin V.M., Volobouev V., Sicard B. Sand-dwellers in rocky habitats: a new species of Gerbillus (Mammalia: Rodentia) from Mali. // J. Zool., Lond. 2002. V. 256. P. 181-190.
  3. Hundertmark K.J., Shields G.F., Udina I.G., Bowyer A.A., Danilkin A.A., Schwartz C.C. Mitochondrial phylogeography of moose (Alces alces): late Pleistocene divergence and population expansion // Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 2002. Vol. 22, N 3. P. 375-387.
  4. Kuznetsov G.V., Kulikov E.E., Petrov N.V., Ivanova N.V., Lomov A.A., Kholodova M.V., Poltaraus A.B. Mitochondrial 12S r DNA Sequence Relationships suggest that the enigmatic bovid "Linh Duong" - Pseudonovibos spiralis. Molec. Phylogenetic and Evolution, 2002, №1: 91 - 94.
  5. Kuznetsova M.V. Kholodova M.V. Molecular Support for the Placement of Saiga and Pro-capra in Antilopinae (Artiodactyla, Bovidae). Journal of Mammalian Evolution. 2002, V. 9, № 4, pp. 271-280.
  6. Volobouev V.T., Aniskin V.M., Lecompte E., Ducroz J.-F. Patterns of karyotype evolution in complexes of sibling species within tree genera of African murid rodents inferred from the comparison of cytogenetic and molecular data. // Cytogenet. Genome Res. 2002. V. 96. №1-4. P. 261-275.
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  8. Dobigny G., Granjon L., Aniskin V., Ba K., Volobouev V. A new sibling species of Taterillus (Muridae, Gerbillinae) from West Africa. // Mamm. biol. 2003. V. 68. P. 299-316.
  9. Polyakov A.V., Volobouev V.T., Aniskin V.M., Zima J., Searle J.B., Borodin P.M. Altitudinal partitioning of two chromosome races of the common shrew (Sorex araneus) in West Siberia. // Mammalia. 2003. V. 67. №2. P. 201-207.
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  12. Gaubert P., Aniskin V.M., Dunham A.E., Cremiere C., Volobouev V. Karyotype of the rare Johnston`s genet Genetta johnstoni (Viveridae) and a reassessment of chromosomal characterization among congeneric species. // Acta Theriologica. 2004. V.49. N4. P. 457-464.
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  22. Leonova O.G., Karajan B.P., Ivlev Y.F., Ivanova J.L., Popenko V.I. Nucleolar Apparatus in the Macronucleus of Didinium nasutum (Ciliata): EM and 3D Reconstruction. Protist, 2006, 157(4):391-400.

The list of best publications for 1997-2002:
  1. Sher, A.V. An Early Quaternary bison population from Untermassfeld: Bison menneri sp.nov. In: R.-D. Kahlke, Ed. Das Pleistozan von Untermassfeld bei Meiningen (Thuringen), Teil 1. Monographien des Romisch-Germanishen Zentralmuseums Mainz, 1997. Bd. 40, 1, S. 101-180.
  2. Aniskin V.M., Volobouev V.T. Comparative chromosome banding of two South American species of rice rats of the genus Oligoryzomys (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae). // Chromosome Research. 1999. V. 7. №7. P. 557-562.
  3. Fokin S. & Kuzyakin V. The Garganey in the former USSR. A compilation of life-history information. (Eds.: H.Kalchreuter & J.S.Kirby). Wetlands International Publication. Global Series 7. 2000. 51pp.
  4. Lister, A.M. and Sher, A.V. The origin and the evolution of the woolly mammoth. Sci-ence, 2001, 294, 1094-1097.

The list of textbooks, chapters from the textbooks and school-books for 2002-2006:
  1. Lancraft T., Frierson F., Sun E., Ivlev Yu. Interactions: Exploring the Functions of the Human Body , Regulation: The Nervous and Endocrine Systems. Wiley & Sons, NY, 2002. Educational software (
  2. Allen C., Harper V., Lancraft T., Ivlev Yu. PowerPhys (virtual physiological laboratory). Wiley & Sons, NY, 2006. Educational software (

The list of articles in other Russian and foreign scientific journals and collected articles, including the articles, published in proceedings of conferences:
  1. Kuzyakin V.A., Ulitin A.A. Census and resourses of the brown bear in Russia. II International Brown Bear Symposium Under aegis of CIC, Moscow, 3 - 6 Nov., 2002. pp. 28 - 33.
  2. Minaev A.N. Use of telemetry to study behavior of domesticated moose, Alces, 2002, actual issue in 2005, Supplement 2, 89-92.
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  4. Udina I.G., Danilkin A.A., Boeskorov G.G. Genetic diversity of moose (Alces alces L.) in Euroasia // I Workshop on inform. techn. applic. to problems of biodiversity and dynamics of ecosystem in North Euroasia. Новосибирск, 2002. С. 305-310.
  5. Potapova E.G. Morphological patterns and evolutionary pathways of the middle ear in dormice (Gliridae, Rodentia). //Trakya University Journ. of Scientific Research. Series B Natural and Applied Sciences T.U.J. Sci. Res. B, 2002, vol. 2, No 2, p. 159-170.
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