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Headed by Rumak Vladimir Stepanovich, Dr. Med. Sci., Professor

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The head of the center Rumak V.S.

The proofs and criteria of abnormalities and changes in human organism occurring in long-term periods of time after the impact of "Orange agent and/or dioxin-containing pollutants of environment" were obtained, according to which the distant in time medicine consequences ought to be viewed as an independent disease.

Discussion of the Program of joint studies

Scientific research is lead mainly within the framework of the following themes:

  • Human ecology after chemical catastrophes
  • Ecological physiology, the systems of life support and protection of human being
  • General and tropical ecotoxicology, the problems of biosafety after chemical catastrophes

Scientific and methodological bases for the study of a new phenomenon - ecosystem threat of environment pollution with superecotoxicants (dioxins) and the consequences of ecocide chemical catastrophes were developed. By example of a working model of the consequences of the USA chemical war in Vietnam and dioxin pollution of environment the origination and development of remote medical and biological consequences were established and the characters of cumulative health disturbances leading to development of dioxin pathology were given.