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Monographs and chapters from collective monographs for 2002-2006
  1. Vorobyeva E.I. Evolutionary changes in the dermal skull of recent amphibians in comparison with ancestral Palaeozoic crossopterygians // Amphibian biology. V.5. Osteolology / Ed. H. Heatwole. 2003. Chipping Norton: Surrey Beatty & Sons, Australia P. 1497-1550.
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  3. Kuzmin S.L., Maslova I.V. 2003. The amphibians of the Russian Far East (Advances in Amphibian Res. in the f. Soviet Union vol. 8). Sofia-Moscow: Pensoft publ., 464 p.

List of articles in reviewed Russian (with English version) and foreign journals for the period of 2002-2006 in chronological order
  1. Iordansky N.N. Musculature of jaw apparatus in Urodela: variations in conservative system. // Zool. J. 2002. V. 81. 12. P. 1494-1505.
  2. Iordansky N.N. The jaw apparatus of Lialis (Lacertilia, Pygopodidae)): ways of intensifying cranial kinesis and a problem of snake origin // Zool. J. 2004. V. 83. 1. P. 93-104. Transl . in: Entomol. Rev. 2004. V. 84. Suppl. 1. P. 99-109.
  3. Iordansky N.N. Macroevolution: macrogenesis and typogenesis // J. Obsch. Biol. 2004. V. 65. 6. P. 451-463.
  4. Iordansky N.N. Paedomorphosis, neoteny, and evolution // Zool. J. 2005. V. 84. 10. P. 1176-1187. Transl. in: Entomol. Rev. 2005. V. 85. Suppl. 2. P. 147-156.
  5. Iordansky N.N. The problem of the evolutionary saltations // J. Obsch. Biol. 2006. V. 67. 4. P. 256-267.
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  7. Ruban G.I., Akimova N.V., Goriounova V.B., Mikodina E.V., Nikolskaya M.P., Shagayeva V.G., Shatunovsky M.I., and Sokolova S.A. Abnormalities in Sturgeon gametogenesis and postembryonal ontogeny // J. Appl. Ichthyol. 22 (Suppl.1) (2006), 213-220 Berlin.
  8. Golubtsov A.S., Dzerzhinskii K.F. The African Hillstream Catfishes (Amphiliidae) of Southwestern Ethiopia: The First Report of the Genus Phractura from the Nile Basin // J. Ichth. 2003. Vol. 43, No. 2, pp 151-158.
  9. Golubtsov A.S., Moots K.A. Dzerjinskii K.F.. Dentition in the African catfishes Andersonia (Amphiliidae) and Siluranodon (Schilbeidae) previously considered toothless // J.Fish Biol. 2004. 64(1):146-158.
  10. Dzerzhinskii K. F. Early Ontogenesis of Sabalo Prochilodus lineatus (Characoidei, Prochilodontidae) from the Pilcamayo River (Bolivia, South America) // J.Ichth. 2004. Vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 384-394.
  11. Golubtsov A. S., Dzerjinskii K. F., Prokoviev A. M. Four rows of pharyngeal teeth in an aberrant specimen of the small African barb Barbus paludinosus (Cyprinidae): novelty or atavistic alteration? // J. fish biol 2005, vol. 67, no1, pp. 286-291.
  12. Zworykin D. D., Budaev S. V., Darkov A. A., Dzerzhinskii K. F., Lyovin B.A., Mina M. V.. Assessment of the Role of Chemoreception in the Mate Choice in Barbs of the Barbus intermedius Complex from Lake Tana // Ethiopia J. Ichth. 2006. Vol. 46, No. 8, pp. 661-667.

Best publications for 1997-2002
  1. Vorobyeva E.I., Hinchliffe J.R. From fins to limbs. Developmental perspectives on paleontological and morphological evidence // Evol. Biology, 1996, v.29 ( M.K. Hecht et al.). Plenum Press, New-York, p.263-311. P
  2. Iordansky N.N. Evolution of life. M. Academia. 2001. 425 p.
  3. Iordansky N.N. Cranial kinesis in the Amphibia: a review // J. Obsch. Biol. 2000. V. 61. 1. P. 102-118.
  4. Iordansky N.N. Ontogenesis and evolution of the cranial kinesis in the amphibians and the reptiles // Zool. J. 1998. V. 77. 8. P. 928-941.
  5. Iordansky N.N. The pattern transformations and quantum macroevolution // J. Obsch. Biol. 1997. V. 58. 3. P. 73-84.
  6. Smirnov S.V. Additional dermal. ossifications in the anuran skull: morphological novelties or archaic elements? // Russ. J. Herpetol., 1997. V. 4, n 1, pp. 17-27.
  7. Smirnov S.V. Paedomorphic origin of the anurans: a new approach to prove it // Russ. J. Herpetol. 1999. V. 6, n 2, pp. 118-124.

List of textbooks, chapters from the textbooks and schoolbooks for 2002-2006
  1. Vorobyeva E.I. Selected pages from a history of the Russian palaeontology. In: Enzyclopedia of Palaeontology. Ed. Ronald Singer and M.R.Diamond. Fitzroy Dearborn Publ., 2002.

List of articles in other Russian (with English version) and foreign scientific journals and collected articles, including the articles published in materials of conferences.
  1. Smirnov S., Vassilieva A. Skeletal and Dental Ontogeny in the Long-tailed Clawed Salamander, Onychodactylus fischeri (Urodela: Hynobiidae) // Rus. J. Herpet., 2002. V. 9, n 1, pp. 21-32.
  2. Smirnov S.V., Vassilieva A.B. Skeletal and dental ontogeny in the smooth newt, Triturus vulgaris (Urodela: Salamandridae): role of thyroid hormone in its regulation // Rus. J. Herpet., 2003. V. 10, n 2, pp. 97-114.
  3. Smirnov S.V., Vassilieva A.B. Skull development in normal, TH-exposed, and goitrogen-treated axolotls, Ambystoma mexicanum // Rus. J. Herpet., 2005. V. 12, n 2, pp. 113-126.
  4. Smirnov S.V. The urodele metamorphosis: regulatory mechanisms and evolution // Rus. J. Herpet., 2005. V. 12, Suppl. pp. 304-306.
  5. J.R. Hinchliffe, E.I. Vorobyeva, D.N. Mednikov. Diversity in the timing of digit ossification within the limb developmental bauplan in Caudate // Herpetologia Petropolitana. Eds. Ananjeva N & Tsienko (eds.), 2005, p. 274-278.
  6. Kuzmin S.L., Sato T., Nakabayashi Sh., Maslova I.V., Narumi N. Ecological observations on the Ezo Brown Frog (Rana pirica Matsui, 1991) on Hokkaido Island, Japan // Russian J. Herpetol. 2006. 13 (2): 117-119.
  7. Ruban G.I., Akimova N.V., Goriounova V.B., Mikodina E.V., Nikolskaya M.P., Shagayeva V.G., Shatunovsky M.I. Disturbances in Sturgeon gametogenesis and postembryonal ontogeny. Extended Abstracts. Aguaculture. 5th International Symposium on Sturgeon. Iran, 2005. P. 114-116.