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Monographs and chapters in collective monographs
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List of articles in reviewed Russian (with English version) and foreign journals for the period of 2002-2007
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Best publications for 1997-2002 (English)
  1. Zinovieva S.V., Udalova Zh. V., Vasiljeva I.S., Paseschnichenko V.A. Action of sterol glycosides on Meloidogyne incognita infrcting tomato and cucumber roots. Russins J. Nematology, 1997, 5, 77-78.
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List of text-books, chapters from text-books and teaching aids for 2002-2006 (in English)
  1. Subbotin S.A. & Moens, M. 2006. Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogeny. In Book: Plant Nematology edited by R. Perry and M. Moens. CABI, UK
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