Alien Species in the Holarctic

Invasion of Alien Species in the Holarctic. Borok-VI

( Borok -VI, 2021 )

Yaroslavl Province, Russia, 11-15 October 2021

Administrative and Financial Information

Symposium organization


Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Division of Biological Sciences (DBS RAS)

Scientific Council of Hydrobiology and Ichthyology RAS

International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)

International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS)

RAS Commission of Preservation of Biological Diversity

A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, RAS (SIEE RAS)

I. D. Papanin Institute of the Biology of Inland Waters, RAS (IBIW RAS)

 US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWLS)

US Geological Survey (USGS)

Hydrobiological Society at RAS (HBO at RAS)

RAS Scientific Council of Research, Preservation and Rational Use of Animal World

Official language

The official language of the Symposium is English. All lectures, talks, discussions, and poster texts should be presented in English.

Conference fees


Before May 1, 2021

After May 1, 2021

Undergraduate/Postgraduate Students 

750 rubles (US $10)

1200 rubles (US $15.00)

Other (honored) participants

1500 rubles (US $20)

2200 rubles (US $30.00)


Deadline for Registration and Abstract Submission is 1 February, 2021.


After December 1, 2020 and 2nd Informational Letter will be sent to registered participants. That letter will contain the following information: 1) Symposium venue; 2) Hotel prices; 3) Information on paying the registration fees from the directing organization according to Agreements (if necessary and applicable) and on the personal transfer from the participants; 4) Rules for contributors and dates of Abstract submission.

Download The first information letter

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