Alien Species in the Holarctic

Invasion of Alien Species in the Holarctic. Borok-VI

( Borok -VI, 2021 )

Yaroslavl Province, Russia, 11-15 October 2021

Scientific Program

Themes of presentations include the following topics:
I. Spatial and temporal dynamics of biological invasions in the Holarctic: 1) invasions in marine ecosystems; 2) invasions in freshwater ecosystems; 3) invasions in terrestrial ecosystems; 4) paleoinvasions.
II. Genetic and evolutionary aspects of biological invasions.
III. Consequences of alien species invasion for aboriginal species and ecosystems and human well being.
IV. Role of global climatic and anthropogenic factors in the processes of biological invasions, including new approaches and methods in research of invasions of alien species.
V. Information systems for monitoring invasion processes, including development of problem-oriented databases and mathematical modelling of the processes related to invasion of alien species.

It is planned that the program of the Symposium will include “Round Tables” with lectures delivered by leading scientists on the following topics:
1) invasion of alien species into urban areas;
2) social and economic aspects of the processes of biological invasions;
3) management of biological invasions: risk assessment, prevention and control.