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Headed by Professor P.D. Gunin, Dr. Biol. Sci.

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The list of monographs and chapters from collective monographs for 2002-2006:
  1. Gunin P.D., Bazha S.N. Chapter 12. Ecological Assessment of Degradation Processes in the Mongolian Part of Baikal Basin (Eds.: Lemons J., Victor R., Schaffer D.) // Conserving Biodiver-sity in Arid Region. Best Practices in Developing Nations. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 2003. pp. 157-177.
  2. Kharin N., Tateishi R., Gunin P., Al-Bilbisi H. Degradation of the Drylands of Northern Africa. CERes, Chiba University, Japan. 2004. 87 .
  3. Tarasov P.E., Dorofeyuk N.I., Sokolovskaya V.T., Nakagawa T., Makohonienko . Chapter 1. Late Glacial and Holocene Vegetation Changes Recorded in the Pollen Data from Hangai Mountains, Central Mongolia (Eds.:Yasuda Yo., Shinde V.) // Monsoon and Civilization. Lustre Press. Roli Books, New Deli, India. 2004. pp. 23-50.
  4. Prischepa A.V., Bazha S.N., Vostokova E.A., Miklayeva I.M., Gunin P.D., Tateishi R., Dugarjav Ch. Present-day ecosystems of the Selenga River basin and factors of their destabilization (Eds.: Tateishi R., Gunin P.D). Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS) Chiba University, Ja-pan. 2006. 139 p.

Complete list of the articles in reviewed Russian and foreign scientific journals for the pe-riod of 2002-2006 in chronological order:
  1. P.Yu. Voronin, L.A. Ivanova, D.A. Ronzhina, L.A. Ivanov, O.A. Anenkhonov, C.C. Black, P.D. Gunin, and V.I. P'yankov Structural and Functional Changes in the Leaves of Plants from Steppe Communities as Affected by Aridization of the Eurasian Climate // Russ. Jounlal of Plant Physiol-ogy. Vol. 50. No 5. 2003. pp. 604-611.
  2. Tateishi R., Shimazaki Y., Gunin P.D. Spectral and temporal linear maxing model for vegatation classification // Intern. Journal of Remote Sensing. 2004. Vol. 25. N20. pp. 4203-4218.
  3. Minaeva T., Sirin A., Dorofeyuk N., Smagin V., Bayasgalan D., Gunin P., Dugarzhav Ch., Bazha S., Tsedendash G., Zoeo D. Mongolian Mires: from taiga to desert // Stapfia 85, zugleich Kataloge der OO. Landesmuseen. Neue Serie. 2005. Vol. 35. pp. 335 - 352.

The list of best publications (until 10) for 1997 - 2002:
  1. Gunin P.D., Vostokova E.A., Baja S.N., Saandar M. The landscape-ecological principles of Nature Management and Ecosystem conservation in the Regions of Central Asia and South Siberia with Extreme Conditions (The Example of Mongolia) // Ekologia. Bratislava. Vol. 17, N 3. 1998. pp. 265 - 282.
  2. Gunin P.D., Vostokova E.A., Dorofeyuk N.I., Tarasov P.E., C.C. Black Vegetation Dynamics of Mongolia. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht-Boston-London. 1999. 240 p.
  3. Gunin P.D., Klimanova O.A., Miklyaeva I.M., Baja S.N. et al. Specificity of geological monitoring of natural and natural-anthropogenic ecosystems of the Eastern-Asiatic sector of the steppes // Proceedings of LUTEA Workshop Report. Colorado State University. Denver.2000. pp. 27-41.
  4. Gunin P.D., Miklyaeva I.M., Baja S.N. Succession dynamics of Rangland ecosystems of Mongolia // Fundamental Issues Affecting Sustainability of the Mongolian Steppe. Interpress, IISNS, Ulaan-baatar, Mongolia, 2002. pp. 122-140.

The list of articles in other Russian and foreign scientific journals and collected articles, including the articles, published in proceedings of conferences:
  1. Gunin P.D., Miklyaeva I.M., Baja S.N. Succession dynamics of Ranglaud ecosystems of Mongolia // Fundamental Issues Affecting Sustainability of the Mongolian Steppe (Eds.: Chuluun T., Ojima D.) IISNC, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 2002. pp. 122 - 140.
  2. Vostokova E.A., Vorobyov C.A., Prischepa A.V., Dorofeyuk N.I., Bannikova I.A., Bazha S.N., Cherdonova V.A., Drobyshev Yu.I., Gunin P.D., Miklyaeva I.M. et al. Ecosystems of Mongolia (Atlas). Moscow. IEE RAS. 2005. 48 pp.