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Headed by Kholodova Marina Vladimirovna, Dr. Biol. Sci.

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Sample preparation for
molecular-genetic study

The Room for Molecular Diagnostics Methods as an independent subdivision of the SIEE was organized in 2003.

The work is carried out according to the following main directions:

  • ecology of organisms and communities;
  • biological diversity;
  • general genetics.

The main task of the subdivision is the study of the patterns of formation of intra-species structure and evaluation of biodiversity of animals at molecular-genetic level. On the basis of analysis of polymorphism in mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, population structure and genetic diversity of the species and groups is studied: Ungulata and Carnivora mammals, cetaceans and rodents, birds from the order of Anseriformes and also of amphibians, fishes and some invertebrates.

In 2003 a gathering of technical basis of the room was undertaken.

The individual genotypes of Bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) of the Sea of Okhotsk database

© Meschersky, I.G., Chichkina, A.N., Shpak, O.V., Rozhnov, V.V.

© A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of RAS, 2013

download       Balaena_mysticetus_genotypes_eng.xls   File XLS (959 Kb)

The database presents results of Bowhead whales of the Sea of Okhotsk individual genotyping (skin biopsy analysis): complete sequences of cytochrome b gene and mtDNA control region, allelic composition of 14 microsatellite loci.

Sections: Individual genotypes, Info on primers, Gel-electrophoresis, Aññepted allelic bins, Concordance of alleles designation, References, Acknowledgments

The database will be extended as new samples analysis will done.

Any use of the data presented requires citation!

How to cite: Meschersky, I.G., Chichkina, A.N., Shpak, O.V., Rozhnov, V.V., 2014. Genetic description of Shantar summer group of the Okhotsk Sea bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus L.) // Russian Journal of Genetics 49(4) (in print)

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