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Headed by Ushakova Nina Aleksandrovna, Doctor of Biological Science

tel. (495)-954-47-56


The head of Laboratory
N.A. Ushakova

Established in 2011, laboratory of innovative technology combines studies in biotechnology and physiology of digestion, neural mechanisms of olfaction and reproduction and physiology of sleep. Laboratory consists of three groups headed by Ph.D. N.A. Ushakova, Ph.D. V.M. Kovalzon and Ph.D. V.V. Voznesenskaya. Studies conducted are of both fundamental and practical value. Laboratory maintains long-term partnerships with several companies and has appropriate staff and experience with technical and licensing documentation.

Main directions

  • Development of fundamental studies in physiology of digestion, sleep, olfaction and reproduction in order to prepare promising innovative techniques.
  • Transformation of scientific results into innovative products, preparation of products for patenting, development of technical documentation.
  • Cooperation with partner companies in the field of realization of innovative products and technology, participation in test studies.

Our partners

  • LLC Research and Technology center “Biotechnology in agriculture”, Belgorod region
  • JSC AltayVitamins, Altay
  • «Bioprogress», Moscow
  • Institute of Immunological Engineering, Moscow
  • Institute of Pulmonology, Moscow
  • City Clinical Hospital ¹ 57, Moscow
  • Monell Center, University of Pennsylvania, US (Philadelphia)
  • Center for Wildlife, US (Colorado)

Funding 2011

  • State contract number 16.M04.11.0012 (N.A. Ushakova).
  • SBS RAS program "Fundamentals of biological resource management" – 2011g.g. (Project III. 17.) (N.A. Ushakova).
  • RFBR 10-04-01599a (V.V. Voznesenskaya).
  • Program of Presidium of RAS "Fundamental science for medicine" – "Development of express test for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases" (V.V. Voznesenskaya).
  • Program of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences "Biodiversity and dynamics of gene pools" – "Genetic variability in human olfactory sensitivity" (V.V. Voznesenskaya).
  • Chemical Senses and Animal Chemical Communication (V.V. Voznesenskaya – coordinator of Russian side of the project since1994).
  • Program SBS RAS: "Mechanisms of physiological functions: from molecules to behavior." Project: "The role of nitrergic brain system in development of hippocampus-dependent memory, sensitive to sleep deprivation" (V.M. Kovalzon).
  • Program of Presidium of RAS "Fundamental science – medicine." Project: "Towards making new drugs for the treatment of mood disorders and sleep disorders on the basis of a new molecular mechanism of depression in an experimental mouse model: identification of potential biomarkers" (V.M. Kovalzon).

As a result of a long-term fundamental research, laboratory of innovative technology acquired vast amount of scientific data in different fields:

  • mechanisms of animal adaptation to specifics of their diet, caused by symbiotic bacteria. Development of original probiotic creation technology, based on a model of animal digestion (N.À. Ushakova),
  • mechanisms of interaction between prey and predator. Physiology of smell detection and determination. (V.V. Voznesenskaya),
  • structure and disorders of sleen in mammals (V.M. Kovalzon).