Rodens et Spatium
11th International Conference on Rodent Biology Rodens et Spatium
Myshkin (Russia) 24–28 July 2008

Administrative and Financial Information

Conference organization

The organizing institutions are A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russain Theriological Society, and Myshkin Municipal District Administration.

Official language

The official language of the Conference is English. All lectures, talks, discussions, and poster texts have to be given in English.


There are two ways to get to Myshkin from Moscow: by bus, and by train.
For those who prefer bus we'll suggest special buses from Moscow (journey time about 6 hours, fare about 15 Euro). Other participants can get to Myshkin from Moscow by the night train (8 hours, fare about 30 Euro). To make your trip easier we'll try to meet all persons who do not speak Russian in Moscow airports or railway stations, and accompany them up to Myshkin. You can also get to Myshkin from St. Petersburg by train. More detailed information will be available on our web-site in February 2008.


In Central European Russia, the end of July is usually the warmest time of the year. It may be even hot (but not more than +30oC in daytime). But sometimes the weather is rather cool, so you are to take a jacket. Rains are also usual that time. You might need some protection against mosquitos during the trips in a country-side.


Accommodation in Myshkin will be possible in the hotels and private lodges.

Hotel (Holiday base) “Zolotoy Bor” (“Golden Pine Forest”) is situated in a picturesque place on the edge of Myshkin next to the Volga. It is surrounded by 100-150 years old pine forest. Comfortable restaurant, sports complex with indoor and outdoor swimming-pools, sauna, court, volleyball ground, billiard-table, bicycles. 25-30 minutes walk from the conference hall.

Hotel “Koshkin Dom” (“Cat’s House”) is situated in the center of the town. Funny comfortable restaurant “Myshelovka” (“Mouse-trap”), sauna with pool and hydromassage. 5 minutes walk from the conference hall.

Conference fees

We are sorry for the changes we have to make in execution order of the conference fee payment.

Payment of non-Russian participants would be accepted in cash at the Conference registration desk (Full - 250 Euro, Reduced (for students and participants from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central Asia) - 125 Euro, Accompanying persons - 175 Euro), preferably in rubles. Banks in Myshkin accept the following cards: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO. Currency can be exchanged at banks in Myshkin or in Moscow.

For information concerning payment order of the Conference fee for participants from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, and other Former Soviet Republics of Central Asia, please, download the file Payment Instructions.

Fees include: Inscription, Conference material, refreshments, picnic, mid-Conference excursion, everyday excursions in Myshkin museums, and social program for accompanying persons. It does not include accomodation, daily meals, post-Conference excursion.

See impotrant information concerning Social Program!


Deadline for Final Registration and Abstract Submission is April 15, 2008.


A foreigner traveler to Russia must have a valid passport and an appropriate visa. To get the visa, a visitor has to submit to the Russian Embassy or Consulate an official letter of invitation authorized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To complete visa formalities we kindly ask you to fill in Visa Form and send it as an attached file to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible (deadline is March 31, 2008). Additionally, please send as an attached file a high quality electronic (scanned, JPG or other graphic format, not more than 300 dpi) copy of the 1st and/or 2nd page(s) of your passport (with personal data). A black-and-white copy is appropriate one. The passport should be valid at least half a year after the event (until February 2009, at least). If the period of passport validity is prolonged and it is marked in the separate page - please add this page as well.

Representatives of Myshkin branch of the Organizing Committee will send you an invitation by fax or by post. This invitation should be presented to the local Russian Federation Embassy/Consulate as the basis for the visa application.

Please pay into attantion that the Organizing Committee cannot send the official invitation earlier than 50-60 days after receiving all papers mentioned above. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by this bureaucratic process, but unfortunately we can’t influence it.

Participants are strongly advised to follow these recommendations and to apply for the visa at once after receiving the original copy of the invitation to ensure that the visa will be obtained in good time. Please find out all information concerning documents needed to obtain the visa and visa processing time and visa fee at your local Russian Consulate/Embassy.

In summary, three steps to obtain a scientific visa:
Step 1. Download the Visa Form, fill in and send it as an attached file to the Local Organizing Committee with scanned copy of your passport and other supporting documents (if it is necessary).
Step 2. Wait for about 50-60 days to get an official invitation letter from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the Local Organizing Committee.
Step 3. Apply for the visa to the local Russian Embassy/Consulate.

You can also come to Russia as a tourist. The invitation for a tourist visa can be obtained more quickly via tourist companies. However, for a tourist visa you need to know the exact dates of your travel. A scientific visa will be given for one month. The cost of both visas (tourist and scientific ones) is nearly equal. In some countries scientific visa may be free of charge!

Please note that a simple letter from our institute will not be considered at the Consulate.

Additional information
Important: Please, check up that your medical insurance is valid for Russia.
Please contact the Embassy/Consulate where you will apply for your visa and ask whether a fax copy of official invitation is sufficient to obtain visa. We kindly ask you to make a note of this detail in the visa form. In some Russian Consulates (e.g. in The Netherlands, Italy, China, Israel and some other countries) you will be asked to bring the original copy of the invitation. Please contact the Consulate directly if you have some questions concerning the rules of the visa application (e.g. if you must come personally to the Consulate to pick up your visa, what are the terms of visa issuing, etc.), since the rules vary in different Consulates, and we cannot provide you with correct information concerning this subject.


Payments in Russia have to be done in rubles.

Cancellation and refund policy

Refunds for cancellation of Conference registration for Russian participants must be claimed in writing (e-mail, fax, letter) to the Conference Secretariat. An administrative charge of 20 % (40% after May 31, 2008) will be deducted from the fee.

Identification badges

Every participant and accompanying person will receive an identification badge.
Info to be put on the badge: Name, Country.