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Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate in the 11th International Conference on Rodent Biology (Rodens et Spatium), which will be held at the end of July (approximately 24-28 July), 2008 in Myshkin, Russia. The Conference will be hosted by A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Theriological Community and Myshkin Municipal District Administration. The three most recent Rodent Conferences have been held in Belgium (2002), Poland (2004) and Italy (2006), with 130-150 'rodentologists' from 25-30 countries in attendance at each.

The aims of the Conference are to bring together scientists studying rodents from all over the world, to associate mammalogists from East and West for future collaboration and to exchange scientific information and experiences through the discussion of various issues. It's for the first time the Conference takes place in Russia and we'll be pleased to acquaint you with our country, its people, history and nature.

Myshkin is a tiny old town in the historical region of old Russia (Yaroslavl region, 250 km North of Moscow). Its name can be translated as "Little Mouse Town" and it was proclaimed by its citizens as "The World Capital of Mice". Despite being among the smallest towns in Russia (6000 inhabitants), it possesses 10 museums, including the world's only Mouse Museum. Many famous old cities and towns are near Myshkin, including Yaroslavl, Uglich, Rostov-the-Great, and Pereslavl-Zalessky. Myshkin is situated on the high bank of the Volga, the largest river of Europe, and surrounded by picturesque landscapes and untouched countryside. The year 2008 is the Year of Mouse in the Oriental Calendar and it is declared to be a special Festival Year in Myshkin. Thus, it's a special place and time for those of us studying rodents to meet and discuss our researches.

We use for our logo one of the exhibits of Valenki Museum. You will see it there "alive".

We look forward to seeing you in July 2008 and hope your stay in Myshkin, Russia will be both useful and enjoyable.

Rodens et Spatium - Path through Time and Space

Below is the list of themes developped at each of the successive R&S Conferences:
1 1987 (Lyon, France, 5-6 March)
The rodent in desert environment
Space use and inter-individual relationships
Space control : orientation in theory and practice
Physiology and genetics
2 1989 (Lyon, France, 2-4 March)
The rodent in desert environment
The rodent and historical biogeography
Environment and resources
3 1991 (Lyon, France, 6-8 March)
Chemical communication, society and space
Rodent and Biogeography
Temporal distribution of activities
4 1993 (Mikolajki, Poland)
5 1995 (Rabbat, Morocco)
6 1998 (Akko, Israel)
7 2000 (Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, 10-14 July)
Diversity in time and space
Population Ecology and Genetics
Ecophysiology and Ecological and Functional Morphology
Diseases and Applied Ecology
8 2002 (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 22-26 July)
Community ecology
Population Ecology
Ethology and Behavioural Ecology
Systematics and Evolution
Ecotoxicology and Parasitology
Rodent management
9 2004 (Lublin, Poland, 12-16 July)
Morphology, Physiology and Sensory Biology
Phylogeography and Phylogenetics
Behavioural Ecology
Community Ecology and Predation
Population Ecology and Metapopulation
Parasitology and Applied Ecology
10 2006 (Parma, Italy, 24-28 July)
Morphology, Physiology and Sensory Biology
Phylogeography and Phylogenetics
Behavioural Ecology
Community Ecology and Predation
Population Ecology
Parasitology and Applied Ecology
Rodent management
11 2008 (Myshkin, Russia, 24-28 July)