Rodens et Spatium
11th International Conference on Rodent Biology Rodens et Spatium
Myshkin (Russia) 2428 July 2008

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Special comments

Please note that you have to submit a full registration even if you have submitted a preliminary registration. Registration form can only be submitted electronically. Please tape all words in latin letters only.

If you have some problems with on-line registration, please, send a message with your personal data by e-mail to the Conference Secretariat The message has to contain SUBJECT=R&S registration form and information concerning all items listed above.
You have to do the same also in case if you did not get an acknowledgment after the registration or could not find your name in the list of participants.

The Conference Secretariat will contact personnally the few preliminary registered persons who mentioned no e-mail. If you know a colleague who needs a paper version of the Registration Form, please send a short e-mail to the Conference Secretariat to inform us on his/her name and postal address. Thank you!