Biological StationsTchernogolovka Biological Station \  Goals and Tasks


Scientific chief V.V. Rozhnov, Dr. Biol. Sci., Corresponding Member of the RAS

   Laboratory for behavior and behavior ecology of mammals   


The scientific and experimental Chernogolovka base is located in Noginsk the region of the Moscow region (60 km to the northeast from Moscow), in the territory of the Chernogolovsky Russian Academy of Sciences Scientific Center, in 4 km from the city of Chernogolovka, in the wood, on two sites in total area of 40 hectares. The base is organized in 1975 (the order of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR No. 125000-1018 from June 25, 1975) at the initiative of academician V. E. Sokolov for comparative studying of behavior and chemical communication of wild mammals in the conditions which are most approached to the natural. The staff of laboratory of behavior and the behavioural ecology of mammals headed by the research supervisor of base of Doctor of Biological Science of V. V. Rozhnov constantly work at NEB "Chernogolovka". Here pilot studies of communicative and social behavior of land mammals, reproduction biology are all-the-year-round carried out; methods and technologies of the contents and cultivation of rare species of mammals are developed.

On base there is a unique live collection of land mammals total number about 2000 individuals. Among them predatory, hoofed animals, insectivorous, rodents, zaytseobrazny, bats.