Biological StationsTobolsk Biological Station \  Scientific Staff


Director V.M. Rodin

   Laboratory for ecological monitoring of nuclear power plant (NPP) regions and bioindication   


  1. Rodin V. M., Director
  2. Karaseva A. P., Deputy Director, Ph.D. Biol. Sci.
  3. Karasev G.A., Ph.D. Biol. Sci.
  4. Mironenko A. N., Head of Radioecology Laboratory
  5. Haritontsev B. S., Ph.D. Biol. Sci.
  6. Sivtsova A. M., Ph.D. Biol. Sci., res. ass.
  7. Lyubas E. N., res. ass.
  8. Kutaevsky G. P., res. ass.
  9. Kutumova F. V, res. ass.
  10. Kiseleva S. F., res. ass.
  11. Shevelev E. P., younger res. ass.