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Director – V.M. Rodin

   Laboratory for ecological monitoring of nuclear power plant (NPP) regions and bioindication   


Building of the Tobolsk branch

Station «Missia»

Tobolskaja biological station (TBS) was founded in 1997 as a branch department of A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution Problems of Russian Academy of sciences.

By present time the problems of ecological security in Western Siberia are becoming particular urgent due to impetuous opening up of the country's economy.

The TBS is destined for piloting basic research in the area of nature protection, radioecology and national using of the Pryirtyshja and Priobja.

The TBS is piloting the radioecological monitoring of the Techa-Iset-Tobol-Irtysh-Ob river system valuing the radioecological impact on fish populations and transferring radionuclides from water ecosystem to the man.

One of the TBS goals is assistance in preparing and implementation of the projects aiming solution of regional environmental problems and developing of international, scientific and cultural contacts in the field of nature protection counting specific features of the Tumen region.

They have over 30 shilled personnel at the TBS. They are radioecologists, zoologists, botanists, physicists, chemists, specialists in information, etc including researches of the head Institute which is one of the largest ecological centres of our country. There are researches from M.V. Lomonosov State University, D.I. Mendeleev Tobolsk State Educational Institute, the Tobolsk Industrial institute, etc. who are also involved in the TBS' work.

The TBS is developing vigorously international contacts with a number of scientific centers of the former SNG, the European Community, China.

The TBS has got accredit radioecologic and chemistry laboratories, vehicles, a supply ship “Ecolog”, a research station “Missia” situated in a picturesque place on the Irtysh river.

The TBS researches take part in developing works on ecological expertise counting of radiational risk at oil-and gas-refining plants, in ecological projects aimed to organize protected zones and nature reservations.

Our address: 626150 Tumen region Tobolsk Vojkova st. 15, e-mail:

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