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Declaration on Publication Ethics


Instructions for Authors

  1. General
    1. Povolzhski Ecological Journal is issued three times a year and publishes original research papers on ecology, short communications, reviews, chronicle, and information in both Russian and English. Published papers or those submitted to other journals will not be accepted.
    2. Full-length manuscripts are limited to 16 pages, 5 figures and 4 tables, short communications may comprise 6 pages and 2 figures.
    3. Manuscripts should be written in a clear and concise manner and submitted in the final form.
    4. Authors are to submit a whole set of documents:
      • a directive from the institution (1 copy) - for Russian authors only;
      • a manuscript signed by the authors, including a resume in both Russian and English, tables, figures and the captions to them (2 copies);
      • information of the authors (the first name, patronymic, surname;
      • position, academic degree, title, office address, phone, fax, e-mail), the corresponding author should be indicated;
      • files of all the above materials on a diskette.
    5. The authors will be notified of their manuscript's receipt within two weeks.
    6. Submitted manuscripts are subjected to peer review and, if accepted, to scientific editing. The referees' comments are sent to the authors in either electronic (accepted manuscripts) or written (rejected ones) form.
    7. If revision of the original manuscript is required, authors will have a maximum of three months (from receipt of the referees' comments) to revise and re-submit it in duplicate with the original version. Every comment of the referees must be answered, every change in the text must be explained. A revised manuscript received by the Editor later than three months after the authors receipt of the referees' comments will be treated as a new submission. Authors are allowed to revise the original manuscript only once.

    If further revisions are requested the manuscript will be treated as a new submission.

  2. Structure of manuscripts
    1. The order of manuscripts should be UDC, title, author(s) and affiliation(s) (including the postal address(es) with ZIP code), date of receipt, resume, keywords in both Russian and English, text, references, tables, figure legends (or captions), schemes, and figures.
    2. The main text should include introduction, material and methods section, results, discussion, conclusion, thanks (if any). For full-length manuscripts, a proper introduction is required. The purpose of the introduction is to briefly summarize previous work and recent progress in the field and not to repeat information found in previous publications. The introduction must be kept to a minimum length and only references that pertain to the information in the manuscript should be used. For shorter articles, introductions should be correspondingly brief. The material and methods section should provide sufficient detail of the materials, methods and equipment to allow repetition of the work, but should not contain excessive detail of commonly used procedures.
  3. Manuscript preparation
    1. Manuscripts must be typewritten, double-spaced with inch-length margins on one side of white paper (A4). High quality printouts with a font size of 14 pt are required.
    2. All pages (including tables, figures, references) should be numbered consecutively.
    3. The first mention of any species must be accompanied by its full scientific name in Latin with the author's full name and year of publication, e.g. Otis tarda Linnaeus, 1758; further entries require neither author nor year, the family name to be abbreviated (e.g. O. tarda).
    4. All measurements and data should be given in SI units.
    5. Tables should not be imbedded in the text, they are printed on separate A4 sheets. Lengthy (multi-page) tables are not recommended, bulky data should be distributed in several tables. Every table should be numbered with Arabic numerals and have an informative caption. Column headings should be brief and informative, measurement units to be given after a comma.
    6. Figures are included separately in duplicate. Their format should provide clarity and presentability. The legend and any inscriptions must be in Russian; units are given after a comma. Captions must be self-consistent. Additional abbreviations (if any) should be explained after the caption. The number, the first author's name, TOP and BOTTOM must be written on the back side.
    7. Halftone photos must be of good quality and be made on white glossy paper in duplicate, no Xerox copies are acceptable.
    8. The format of references must be uniform and consistent with those found in a typical issue of PEJ. All publications cited in the text should be presented in a list of references. Full reference should be given in an alphabetical list at the end of the paper. The papers of the same author are arranged in chronological order. Only common abbreviations are permitted. In the text, refer to references by the author's name and year of publication in parentheses. No references to unpublished papers are allowed. All the cited papers must enter the reference list.
  4. Requirements to the electronic version
    1. The main text and tables must be submitted as file(s) on 3.5" diskettes or a CD. Microsoft Word for Windows (6.0 or higher) is the preferred format. The file must be identical to the hard copy.
    2. Graphics and diagrams should be made in the MS Word environment or in a vector graphic editor (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator). No raster graphics and MS Excel diagrams are acceptable. Diagrams should be black and white, divisions should be made with hatching.
    3. Illustrations must be in the following formats: LineArt (raster) TIFF 300 dpi (LZW), Grey (photo) JPEG 300 dpi (compression ratio 8-10). Vector figures are submitted as EPS or AI files with no specific inking and fonts. No figures created in any text processor are accepted.
    4. Captions to tables and figures are attached to the main text.

Manuscripts, galley proofs and other correspondense should be addressed to:
Povolzhskiy Journal of Ecology
24 Rabochaya str.
Saratov 410028, Russia
Phone / Fax: (7+8452) 221-612
e-mail: povolzhskiy@sevin.ru

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