Laboratory for Evolutionary Morphology
   Laboratory of morphological adaptations of vertebrates
   Laboratory for Ecology and Functional Morphology of the Higher Vertebrates
   Laboratory for Microevolution and Domestication of Mammals
   Laboratory for The Sensory Systems of Vertebrates
   Laboratory for Behaviour of Lower Vertebrates
   Laboratory innovative technology
   Laboratory for ecology of aquatic communities and invasions
   Laboratory for Ecology of Lower Vertebrates
   Laboratory for Ecology and Morphology of Marine Invertebrates
   Laboratory for Synecology
   Laboratory for Biocenology
   Laboratory for Historical Ecology
   Laboratory for Ecology of Arid Territories
   Laboratory for Soil Ecological Functions
   Laboratory for Soil Zoology and General Entomology
   Laboratory for behavior and behavior ecology of mammals
   Laboratory for Comparative Behavior and Biocommunication
   Laboratory of population ecology
   Laboratory of Avian's Ecology and Behaviour Control
   Laboratory for Biodiversity Concervancy and Bioresources Use
   Laboratory for Ecological Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Regions and Bioindication
   Laboratory of Tropical Technologies
   Laboratory of Analytical Ecotoxicology
   The security center of Biosystems
   Bird Ringing Centre of Russia
   Molecular Diagnostics Methods Room
   Group for Bioinformatics and Modeling Biological Process